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Fun Facts Everyone Should Know About Porta Potty

Porta potties have become a staple at construction sites, outdoor events, and various other locations where a traditional toilet isn’t accessible. While we may appreciate their convenience, not many people know the interesting facts surrounding these mobile restrooms! 


Read on to learn eight fun and positive porta-potty facts, and you might just gain a newfound appreciation for these essential sanitation facilities.


Interesting Facts about Porta Potties

They Were Invented for Ship Workers

The first porta-potty was produced in the 1940s, during World War II, by a company called United States Gypsum. They were made of wood or metal and had a small tank inside for waste.


Initially, these portable restrooms were designed for ship workers who didn’t have easy access to restroom facilities. After all, transporting waste far away from the workspace was paramount to maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. Since then, porta potties have come a long way and become popular in various outdoor settings.


Porta-Potties Save Water

A conventional flush toilet can use up to 1.6 gallons of water per flush, multiplying quickly at a large event. On the other hand, portable toilets have huge holding tanks that can store waste for longer periods, significantly reducing freshwater consumption. In fact, they use about 90 percent less water than a traditional toilet. Utilizing porta potties at your events in Hattiesburg, Mandeville, Biloxi, and nearby locations can help conserve water and reduce the overall environmental impact.


There Is More Than One Kind Of Portable Toilet

If you plan on renting out a portable restroom, you might be surprised to find out there are different kinds of options available in the market. Top porta potty rental contractors in Slidell reveal that the kind of portable restroom you rent out will usually depend on the type of event as well as the circumstances. 


Besides the traditional porta potties, here are a few other examples you might not know of:

  1. ADA-Accessible Portable Toilet
  2. Portable Toilet With a Sink
  3. Portable Toilet With a Urinal
  4. Flushable Portable Toilet
  5. Luxury Restroom Trailers


Germ-Free Hand Hygiene

Modern porta potties, especially the ones provided by credible contractors like Elite Sanitation Services, have come a long way regarding hygiene and cleanliness. Many portable restroom units in Mandeville, Hattiesburg, and nearby locations now feature handwashing stations with soap and water and hand sanitizer dispensers. 


This ensures that people can quickly and conveniently perform the required hand hygiene ritual after using the washroom, which promotes a healthier environment and helps minimize the spread of germs and the possibility of illness at your outdoor event.


Luxury Porta Potties Are a Thing

A luxury porta potty rental in Slidell, Hammond, Gulfport, and surrounding areas is perfect for larger, more elegant settings. These upgraded washroom rentals are more spacious than their traditional counterparts and include some of the following amenities to make for a more exquisite and luxurious bathroom experience:


  1. Mirrors
  2. Adjustable sink water temperature
  3. Electrical outlets
  4. Air conditioning
  5. Soap dispensers


They’re Crucial for Disaster Relief

Whether they’re there for volunteers or first responders or to provide comfort to evacuees, a top-quality porta potty rental from a credible service provider like Elite Sanitation Services can make even the most stressful of events just a little calmer and smoother.


They can come in handy when many people are displaced by earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, or other natural disasters or when the water has been contaminated, and standard bathrooms are no longer viable.


The Liquid Is Blue For a Pretty Solid Reason

Ever wonder why the liquid in the tank is bluish in color? You’re not the only one!

Leading porta potty contractors in Gulfport reveal that the blue liquid you see is actually a deodorizing dye. Its blue coloring is actually meant to disguise the waste in the holding tank, and it contains powerful biocides that help destroy bacteria.


They Help Events Run Smoothly

It’s no secret that porta-potty rentals in Hammond, Hattiesburg, and surrounding locations help any kind of event run smoothly.


Whether you place them at a construction site, a family reunion, a wedding, or a large outdoor event like a music concert or a festival, the convenience and ease of having clean, top-quality porta potties provided by reliable service providers like Elite Sanitation Services on deck is well worth the price!


We provide Portable toilets & delivery services.

Are you in need of a reliable porta-potty service in Hattiesburg, Gulfport, Slidell, Hammond, Biloxi, Mandeville, or nearby locations? Look no further than Elite Sanitation Services!


Our devotion to the finest quality standards and an unrelenting focus on client satisfaction distinguish us in the sanitation sector. 


Our dedicated team of professionals recognizes that every project or event has unique requirements, and our flexible porta-potty solutions are specifically designed to fulfill all those needs. Our wide selection, which includes both standard units and VIP premium versions, caters to various needs, ensuring that every area of sanitation is addressed.


Elite Sanitation Services takes pride in the cleanliness and functionality of its portable toilets. Our units are equipped with convenient yet modern facilities and maintained to the greatest standards, ensuring users have a comfortable experience. Our team of professionals ensures that each unit is fully cleaned, sanitized, and stocked with necessities. 


We also provide repairs and replacements if parts are damaged or broken. With our regular maintenance service, we can make sure your restroom rentals are always clean, safe, and ready for use. Our porta-potty rentals blend seamlessly with any location, providing a discreet and efficient answer to your temporary sanitation demands. 


Final Takeaway

Ready to raise your sanitation standards? Contact Elite Sanitation Services today for high-quality porta-potty rentals in Hammond, Mandeville, Hattiesburg, Gulfport, Biloxi, Slidell, and nearby areas. Your clean, comfortable event or project is only a phone call away. 

Contact us at 228-297-4850 to schedule an appointment with our team today. Your clean, comfortable event or project is just a phone call away.

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