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Septic Wisdom: Unveiling the Importance of Tank Pumping
Septic Tank Pumping

You may use your bathroom every day, but many neglect the structure that lies underground to keep it running effectively and efficiently. If you have a septic tank on your commercial or residential property, it begs the question: When was the last time you had it pumped by a professional?


To ensure that small symptoms don’t become big nuisances, you should be mindful of the state of your septic tank and what goes down the drain. You may not be encountering any particular issues as of now, but it’s crucial not to take this situation for granted or wait until you require costly system replacements. 


In this blog post, we’ll address the importance of regular septic tank pumping in Biloxi, Gulfport, Hattiesburg, Hammond, Mandeville, and surrounding areas and its significant role in maintaining the functionality and longevity of your septic system.


What is a Septic tank?

In layman’s terms, a septic tank is an economical sewage system used to partially treat wastewater generated from commercial, residential, and industrial properties that aren’t connected to the main sewage system.


The role of septic tanks in wastewater treatment.

Leading septic pumping experts in Gulfport state that a septic system serves three main functions: 

  • Removal of solids. As sewage enters the septic system, its flow rate is reduced so that the larger solid sewage sinks to the bottom, and soaps, grease, and smaller solids rise upwards to the surface. The tank retains these solids, and the clarified effluent is discharged with suspended and dissolved solids. 

  • Bacterial Action. Top septic pumping experts in Biloxi reveal that bacteria and other natural processes partially decompose the solids and the liquids in the tank. These bacteria are called anaerobic because they thrive without free oxygen. This decomposition of sewage and wastewater under anaerobic conditions is listed as “septic,” hence the name of the system (and the source of the odor). 

  • Sludge and scum storage. The sludge is the accumulation of solids at the bottom of the septic tank. As scum comprises a partially submerged layer of floating solid waste that can accumulate at or close to the surface, there needs to be adequate space within the tank to accommodate these residues between pumping sessions. Else, the scum and sludge will eventually be scoured from the septic and will clog the drain field and surrounding soil. 

  • The Final Stage of Disposal: Top septic pumping contractors in Hattiesburg reveal that the treated effluent from the septic system is discharged to the drain field. It then filters through appropriate “septic stone” and ultimately into the subsoil for additional purification.


Why is septic tank pumping important?

It Avoids Drain Backup

Regular septic tank pumping is basically the best way to avoid unsightly drain backups. Leading septic maintenance experts in Slidell believe that when drains start to back up, it may be a warning sign that shouldn’t be lightly ignored. It could indicate a potential issue with the septic system. Contact a reputable septic service company like Elite Sanitation Services immediately.


It Prevents Water Contamination

For property owners who source water from a well, neglecting routine septic tank pumping can contaminate water. Septic systems store waste in the tank and enable ‘effluent’ (liquid waste) to rise to the surface. This effluent is then conveyed through the drain field and filtered before it enters the groundwater.


Leading septic system contractors in Mandeville reveal that when a tank overflows, it pushes the waste to the leach field and clogs it up. When this happens, the drain field can no longer filter wastewater properly, allowing contaminants to pass through. While regular septic tank pumping mitigates this risk, it’s still advisable to periodically test well water to ensure its safety.


It Helps Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

The idiom “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is especially true for commercial, residential, and industrial septic systems. Even the most reputed septic contractors in Gulfport suggest that regular septic tank pumping helps avoid pricey repairs or premature replacement of one or more system components.


It Prevents Slow Toilet Flushing.

If toilets in your home flush slowly, bubble, or fail to flush altogether, you may have a major septic system problem. Leading septic contractors in Mandeville state that pumping the septic tank when it gets full can help prevent flushing issues and maintain the overall health of your septic system. (Note: if there’s a clog in the pipes, you’ll need to call a reliable septic system expert like Elite Sanitation Services.)


It Protects the Surrounding Environment

If sewage escapes from your septic system and reaches nearby lakes or ponds, it can lead to algal blooms, which are toxic to wildlife, aquatic life, and humans. Leading septic pumping experts in Mandeville reveal that another indication that sewage is impacting the environment is when the grass surrounding the septic drain field grows greener or faster compared to the rest of the lawn, suggesting it’s being fertilized by the sewage.


Also, watch out for standing/pooling water or damp, wet spots around the septic tank or drain field area. Wet spots are primarily caused by the excessive grease and oil buildup in the tank, which impacts the water flow and pushes it up. These septic tank problems should be fixed immediately by an expert like Elite Sanitation Services as they’re hazardous to the environment.


It Helps Prevent Sulfuric, Foul Odors.

Top septic pumping experts in Hammond reveal that an overfilled septic tank can produce toxic sulfur, often resulting in a rotten-egg-like smell from pipes. If the odor becomes stronger as you step outside near the septic tank or near the drain field area, it’s probable that raw sewage has leaked. Regular septic tank pumping by a credible service provider like Elite Sanitation Services will help prevent foul odors from stinking up your home.


Call Elite Sanitation for your Septic Tank Pumping.

If you require any further advice on septic system pumping works, feel free to reach out to the professionals at Elite Sanitation Services. Our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals is equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to deliver exceptional results and exceed your expectations.


We strive hard to help you maintain the quality of your property by offering fast, reliable services. As a locally owned and operated business, Elite Sanitation Services is committed to providing reliable, cost-effective, and premium-quality services for all of your septic needs in Biloxi, Slidell, Hammond, Mandeville, Hattiesburg, Gulfport, and surrounding locations. 


With years of experience, our dedicated team of experts is well-versed in septic tank pumping, cleaning, and maintenance, so you can trust them to get the job done right.

Contact us at (228) 297-4850 to schedule an appointment with our team today.

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